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    Hi there!

    Do you mean the file information in “Details”, or do you mean the track information on each individual track in the Playlist and Library?

    If it’s the former, I assume you mean customizing the sequence? If it’s the latter, I assume you mean customizing which information is showing (instead of the default Album and Artist).

    Please let me know what you mean

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    mook commented  · 


    thank you for replying.
    In my particular case, it is much more useful to see file names in the playlist (the latter).
    MediaMonkey allows you to pick what is shown, i.e. to customize every column in the list. And it would be nice to have similar ability in the remote.

    Most of the time file names in my collection contain a lot of info, not just track name, for example:

    03 - artistName - track name [short comments, i.e "has pauses" or "has voice-over"] +. mp3
    "+" in the end means my rating of the track. some people put BPM there, gain, etc.
    I organize my whole collection this way, and it looks exactly the same in every player on every platform, provided that that the file name can be displayed.

    I know that I am not the only one who whose collection is folder-based, not tag-based.

    P.S. That is what I meant. The information in the playlist is more important, because you make decisions based on it, what tracks to play, what to skip etc.
    But since you asked :) - yes, customizing the current track screen would be nice too. Especially if you don't load album art (I LOVE that option, thank you so much), a lot of screen is wasted, and in my case the progress bar almost doesn't fit at the very bottom (on galaxy nexus).

    P.P.S. I tried several remote control solutions for android, and yours it by far the best, the most thought through. Looks like you did it for yourself :). Thank you very much.

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